Blind Contour

Our latest assignment was called “blind contour” drawing. This is when a person draws something they see without looking at what they are drawing. All of their attention is focused on the subject that they are drawing.

First, I drew my left hand with my right hand:



All of my drawings with my right hand of my left hand were very condensed. I pressed down on the paper hard and it would seem like all of my movements were very restricted and calculated. The tempo of the music also would sometimes make me a bit panicked and draw faster and harder. Here are some favorites from my right hand:




The next set of drawings were done with my left hand while using my right hand as a subject. 



These drawings were far larger and it seems like there was less pressure put on the paper.They also looks significantly more like hands than the other set of drawings. Here are some of the highlights from the left hand:



The last part of the blind contour was to choose an object and use that instead of a hand. I chose the drain stopper thing in the sink. Here is one of the results, it looks kind of like a tentacle:



About lizziebooher

Psychology/English double major at Agnes Scott College class of 2016.
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