Valentine to Pulpy, Cheesy, and Sensationalized Love: PULP

ImageThis is the end result of my Valentine. This valentine is inspired by pulp magazines and their crazy romance plots. Also, it goes out to the cheesy aspects of sensationalized love that people obsess over. The structure itself was inspired by the LOVE statue by Robert Indiana. Instead of the word “love”, the letters are put together to form the word “pulp”. 


The structure of the letters is made of soda boxes and then covered in generic brand Play Doh. The structure was then covered in generic goo. Originally, the letters were meant to stand up just like the Love statue. This did not work out as I found out that generic play doh is really not prime for sculpting. So, the letters ended up lying down and facing up. Strips of cardboard have titles from actual pulp romance magazines written in the same pop style font. At first, they were scattered around the structure, but as the goo dried I decided to put more play doh along the top to look squishy and pulpy along with filling out the sculpture as a whole. After this, the strips appear to be getting swallowed and sinking into the structure. The goo, left really interesting stripes along the side of the form as well as causing bright purple pools at the bottom to make the sculpture look as if it is secreting some sort of sweet and disgusting fluids. 




The generic barbie with the toilet paper dress is based on an actual pulp heroine named “Domino Lady”. There aren’t very many female heroines in pulp magazines, but she is one of them and is featured as kind of being stuck in the pulpy romance of everything.



The hearts sticking up everywhere were really just some extra fun and cheesiness. The champagne flute contains conversation hearts because it really wouldn’t be silly enough without them. I put the leftover goo in there as well, but after a while it got kind of nasty so I replaced that with just a flute of conversation hearts. All of the materials for this project were purchased at the dollar store to as homage to the magazines and how they were made very cheaply.

If I had an unlimited budget for this project I would simply buy a lot more materials from the dollar store. I would definitely make the structure much bigger and more gooey. I would probably also illustrate and make up my own covers for pulp magazines and pair them with the titles. There would also be tons more barbies swooning and stuff.


About lizziebooher

Psychology/English double major at Agnes Scott College class of 2016.
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