The Chairs


Well, here they are! The first chair is my completed chair after many long days in class. The second picture is my original chair that I drew outside of class. The second one I like to call “pretzel chair” because it really does look like it’s made out of pretzels.

My major frustrations when it came to the chair drawing in class was that the charcoal really did just get all over my hands. I don’t mind dirty hands, but after a while it made erasing very difficult and frustrating. Another difficulty was the slight curve of the back legs. I was perfectly content with just drawing a beautiful stiff chair and leaving it at that, but I knew it had to be perfect.

Throughout this process I really learned the value of taking one’s time and going step by step. When I used to draw as a child it was kind of like all in one go without really taking the time to focus on angles and corners. I relied mostly on just my eyes. Turns out, with a little help from string, everything is a lot easier and really begins to make sense. Once I got the basic shape of the chairs, it was much easier to make slight adjustments and mold the chair into how it really looked.

I honestly really enjoyed this project. I became pretty attached to my chair after spending quite a lot of time with it. It started to feel like we were really working together.


About lizziebooher

Psychology/English double major at Agnes Scott College class of 2016.
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