There’s more than corn in Indiana


Although I have not grown corn myself, it is the most recognizable feature of my home state: Indiana. In addition, corn’s adaptability is much like my own. Corn is grown all around the world and known by many names, but everywhere it thrives and adapts. I have been to many places and plan to go to more where I will thrive just like corn.


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Psychology/English double major at Agnes Scott College class of 2016.
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6 Responses to There’s more than corn in Indiana

  1. gaffadzi says:

    Corn is indeed very important, more than half of the food resources in Ghana, West Africa is based on corn. This particular angiosperm is used for foods such as “banku, and dokuno.” Your metaphorically you tells us that though you are one person, you can do many things, and that you are not only important in Indiana but all around the world.

    • lizzeggs says:

      I noticed when I was in Kenya that it was also there but called Maize. It’s used in this paste-type food called “Ugali”. Thanks for your interpretation and vast corn knowledge:D

  2. Jamila Pitts says:

    I think its cool how you took something like corn (so random and something everyone really just takes for granted) and make it have so much meaning. Awesome.

  3. hfaruqi says:

    Haha I love the title of this post! I love how you gave depth and meaning to something as simple as corn.

  4. acloud94 says:

    This is great! This makes me feel like corn also, I will keep this in mind every time I am in a new place.

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